Tandem 3 Point
Model SN
A super narrow offset disk for narrow row vineyards, cane berries, or nursery stock.
Model LPT
The low profile of this tandem disk reduces interference with low hanging tree branches.
Model JTL
Simple adjustments of gang width or angle by relocating pins, fenders protect low hanging vines and fruit.
Model LTD
This unique tandem can be easily adjusted for three different tillage operations; normal disking, reverse disking or flat furrowing.
Model SXL
the reversible 3 point A frame hitch can be removed and installed on the rear of the machine, providing three different tillage operations
Model SXLB
The gangs are mounted on an angle to build berms on both sides with a gradual slope to the center forming a "V" between the berms.
Model SX
This 3 point tandem disk is the #1 vineyard disk in California vineyards. Gang angling is simple with pins. 
Model MET
Repair Parts

Domries also manufacturers and markets replacement parts for disk harrows which were manufactured by TOWNER, MILLER, AC OXNARD and INDUSCO, as well as parts for landplanes previously manufactured by MARVIN LANDPLANE CO., all companies which are no longer in business.

All parts are manufactured to equal or exceed original quality in materials, workmanship and fit. With over 3500 different parts available, we can supply the parts needed to repair these machines and return them to the field usage.