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Description and Manual
Semi-Stubble Wheel-Controlled Offset

Specifications: blades 28" x 5/16" notched or smooth, 1 3/4" square hi-carbon steel gang rods, 10 3/4" or 12 1/4" spacing, cast iron spools, regreasebale trunion mounted triple sealed gang bearings with wear guards, 5000 lb. rated wheel hubs and bearings, 2" diameter hi-carbon steel wheel hubs and bearings with two grease seals and grease barrier, 9.5L x 15 6-ply dual (4) tires on units up to 16'11", 11L x 15 dual (4) tires on units up to 20'10" and 12.5L x 15 dual (4) tires on units up to 24'9", 4" x 16" hydraulic lift cylinder (1 on OFNX & OFMX and 2 on OFWX), 7000 lb. lift jack, transport lock pin, safety tow chain, SMV emblem, 16 to 30 degree cutting angles, tapered blade group on right rear gang, hydraulic hose guide, main frame of 4" x 8 3/8" steel tubing, gang frames of 3 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3/8" steel tubes, frame widths of 70", 86" and 107". Widths: 12'1" to 24'9". Weights: 7352 to 15,513 pounds. Weight per foot of cut: 570 to 675 lbs. Weight per blade: 264 to 332 lbs.
Options: blade cleaners, feathering blade, dura-faced blades, clevis tongue, rear utility hitch, bolt on blade extensions and hydraulic hose kit, regreaseable timken double roller bearings.
Features: heavy duty bearing standards protect the bearings and affords an easy drop down of the gang to service, series of holes in the double hitch plate allows fast one bolt adjustment, leveling linkage keeps disk level in all stages from disking to transport, shock cushioning protection from two compression springs and easy to adjust gang angling.